Carya Ecological Services, LLC

With a sound scientific grounding in wetlands, soils, botany, and wildlife, we communicate characteristics of a property with cogent text, annotated photos, and accurate data, keeping the level of detail consistent with our clients’ goals.

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Carya Ecological  has the botanical, ecological, and soils expertise to help plan and permit ecologically friendly commercial and residential projects.  We also review proposed projects for towns, land trusts, and community groups, assessing the potential for adverse impacts on wetlands or natural resources. Carya principal Sigrun Gadwa, MS PWS  conducts surveys for rare plants, and provides expert testimony in both civil and court proceedings, pertaining to wetlands and land use matters. Carya Ecological has conducted natural resources inventories and written supporting narratives for successful open space applications, most recently in Hamden, Berlin, and Middletown.

We also prepare and implement vegetation management plans.

carex platyphyllaOur clients include towns, neighborhood conservationists, land trusts, and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, as well as other consultants, engineering firms, homeowners or larger scale developers, who are seeking state or federal permits for regulated activities in wetlands.