TABLE OF CONTENTS: 2019 to 2020

Utility Right of Way

ROW Pub. No. 1 by Dr. Robert Askins,, written in March 2019, was submitted to Eversource in April 2019 in response to recent unfortunate changes on ROW management, after six decades of excellent management, especially from the standpoint of avian wildlife. Bob Askins is a professor emeritus of Ornithology at Connecticut College, and is the lead member of the initial informal ROW Workgroup, that organized in 2018 in opposition to those the recent Changes in ROW Management.

ROW Pub. No. 2 by Sigrun Gadwa and David Yih, was written and submitted to Eversource in April 2019, on behalf of the CT Botanical Society (CBS) , as a supplement to Bob Askins Paper, but with a plant ecology perspective. Sigrun Gadwa is a consulting plant ecologist and wetland/soil scientist in Connecticut , with a Bachelor’s degree from Brown University and a Masters in Plant Ecology from UConn, Storrs. Dr. David Yih is the President of the CT Botanical Society (CBS) and the principal editor of their botanical publications. The CBS Position Paper discusses ROW vegetation management issues from the perspective of the sciences of Plant Ecology & Conservation Biology.

ROW Pub. Set B No. 3- 5. 2019-2020. This set of ROW Management Recommendations was sent to Eversource on September 15, 2020, and also disseminated to other ROW landowners and interested parties, such as Land Trusts in Connecticut, with the help of the Connecticut Land Conservation Coalition. They are also posted on the CLCC website, along with related ROW information. It includes the following:

ROW Pub. No. 3 Cover letter to Eversource introducing the CBS Guidelines for ROW Vegetation Management (The CBS ROW Management Guidelines)

ROW Pub. No. 4 The CBS ROW Management Guidelines, September 2020. This publication draws on the principles laid out in ROW Pubs 1 and 2, as well as the contributing authors’ practical experiences and observations of vegetation responses to different ecological conditions and management practices, as well as data collected during CBS Fields Trips to a model, ROW and by REMA Ecological Services. Written by CBS Right-of-Way Subcommittee, of the CBS Ecology & Conservation Committee.

ROW Pub. No. 5. The CT Invasive Plant Council’s Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for Handling of Topsoil and Mulch Guidelines was issued by the Connecticut Invasive Plant Council in March 2019. It is a detailed set of guidelines for construction and maintenace mangers at highway, ROW, and other construction sites, to minimize spread of several aggressive invasive colonizers of disturbed soils.

ROW Pubs. 6 and 7. CBS Species List compiled by Whitney Adams, edited by Sigrun Gadwa. for the Avery Farm ROW Segment in Groton, owned by the Groton Open Space Association and the 2019 CBS Field Trip Report by Sigrun Gadwa in the CBS 2020 Field Book. ROW Pub. 7 is In Press (CBS)

ROW Pubs. 8a and 8b. Report narrative and Appendices with data 2019 Glastonbury Study by Rema Ecological Services. Report completed March 2020. The lead author is Sigrun Gadwa, ROW Committee Chair and a CBS Board member. Findings of  the Glastonbury Study contributed substantially to the CBS ROW Guidelines.  Findings were  summarized at a symposium on ROW management at CAES (CT Agricultural Experiment Station) in early March, 2020. Dr. Kim Stoner, a pollinator biologist at CAES  organized the symposium.

ROW Pub. No. 9. List of Rare and Uncommon Vascular Plant Species in ROW Habitats. William Moorhead, Consulting Botanist out of Litchfield. September 2020.


Overview of Traprock Resources, 9-13 (binder)

Scientific Basis for Wetland & Watercourse Buffer Zones, 2008, revised 2015


Low Impact Landscaping Guide, 2008